Post-Trail Skin Care

I just had to write about Claudia Stevens Self Heating Purifying Mask.  After the trail, my skin was looking pretty rough; I’m talking bumpy and gross.  That was probably due to sweating all day long, getting really dirty, and only showering once a week.  I’m not a skin expert or anything, but my pores seemed to be really clogged with dirt.  I tried using a cleanser, and I tried exfoliating with baking soda.  Neither of those things did anything for me.

The other day, my mom came home from Sally’s Beauty store with this purifying mask for me.  This mask is so awesome.  It worked really well.  My skin looks just like it did before the trail.  It heated up when I rubbed it on my face, and it only took a minute to work.  The results were instant.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is having similar post-trail skin issues.

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