Trail Days 2013

Expect to see me passing out these stickers at Trail Days.

Expect to see me passing out these stickers at Trail Days.

Trail Days will be next weekend, May 17-19.

This will be my third year going, and let me say, I absolutely love Trail Days!  Here’s why:

  • The camaraderie.  If you’re new to the trail community, you’ll find it to be very welcoming.  If you’ve been hiking for awhile, you’re likely to see familiar faces all weekend long.
  • 3 days of camping, drinking, music, and friends.  What’s not to love?
  • The Hiker Parade.  This is the best event of the weekend.  Hikers line up according to which year they hiked, and there’s a full on hiker vs. townspeople water battle.

There are speakers all weekend long that talk about various aspects of the trail.  You can also check out different gear companies and possibly score some discounts.

Here’s the events that I’m excited about:

Friday, the 17th

2 pm, at the Rock School, screening of Squatch’s “Flip Flop Flippin’ 2”

Squatch filmed the documentary last year, the year I thru-hiked.  I’m excited to see some familiar faces in his documentary.

7 pm, at the United Methodist Church, Jennifer Pharr Davis talks about her first AT and PCT hikes.

Jenn Pharr Davis holds the record for the fastest AT thru-hike.  She’s also the author of Becoming Odyssa, which is about her first thru-hike when she was 21.  It’s one of my favorite hiker memoirs.

Saturday, the 18th

2 pm, starting at Douglas Drive, the Hiker Parade

Come equipped with water guns and ammo.  Note that water balloons are banned this year.  Expect to get soaked.

4 pm, at the Gazebo, the Hiker Talent Show

Check out the full listing on the Trail Days website

2 thoughts on “Trail Days 2013

  1. How I wish I found your site awhile back or I would have been there. I have been planning my first trip for quite awhile and at the end of June my belongings will go in storage and off I go and I am so looking forward to it. Your blog has put so much in reality for me and I appreciate all you tell. I would love to hook up with another to at least get me started but if not oh well everyone started first at some point. Back to reading more and thanks again.

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