AT Creative Non-Fiction Pieces

My new mountain views.

My new mountain views.

I’ll admit that I’ve been neglecting my blog a little bit.  And I am sorry about that.  It wasn’t out of laziness, however.

First of all, I moved to Denver recently.  I must say, Colorado is as awesome as everyone says it is.

I’ve also been working on some articles for other websites, which turned out great.

I’m very excited that I got to write an article for XOJane.  I’m a huge fan of them.

This article is an overview of my journey along the trail.  I talk about trail life, why I wanted to hike, and what I learned (or didn’t learn) from my hike.

The second article is featured on Emily “Yellow Tail”s blog.  You might know her because she wrote the How To Deal with your Period on the Trail article that was featured here, on Appalachian Trail Girl.

For her blog, I wrote about my experiences being underestimated as a female hiker.  It’s a general “how not be be a jerk to women that are doing things alone.”

I hope you guys enjoy the articles.  You’ll also see that I have a new Facebook and Twitter button, so give me a “like” and a “follow.”

2 thoughts on “AT Creative Non-Fiction Pieces

  1. Hey Meagan! Still love reading about your adventures as I gear up for my own. I was wondering about the hammock that you got – I’m looking into buying one and there are SO MANY brands/options/weights. What one do you have? Any other recommendations?

    • Hi Lulu. I bought an ENO hammock because it was the least expensive option available. ENO’s aren’t necessarily recommended for long-distance backpacking, but I like using it. You do have to come up with a way to rig it up yourself, because it doesn’t come with tree straps or anything. If you don’t mind splurging on your hammock, Hennessey Hammocks has a whole set-up (everything you need) for somewhere between $200-300. I’ve heard good things about them.

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